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    Feel good and let Pole Fixation Fitness and Dance help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle! Based in Shifnal, Shropshire, Pole Fixation Fitness and Dance offer people in Shifnal, Telford, Ironbridge, Wellington and surrounding areas the chance to attend pole fitness, flexibility, general fitness, personal training and dance classes including Burlesque!

    Our classes are for everyone! No fitness or dance experienced required, That's what we're here for! so don't delay!

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  • About us..

    Whether you are looking for a new way to get fit, lose weight and tone up, learn an exciting new skill, build confidence, or meet new people, whatever the reason, we are here for you!


    Pole Fixation Fitness and Dance are a super friendly studio based at Haughton Hall Hotel, Haughton Lane, Shifnal, TF11 8HG. We offer an exciting range of classes such as pole fitness, lolipop-lyra, burlesque, personal training, flexibility and fitness and toning classes in an experienced, positive and welcoming environment.


    All classes are taught by an experienced, qualified and insured instructor.

    Group sessions, personal training and private lessons are available, come along on your own or get a friend involved!

    All classes are open to EVERYONE! All levels catered for, from people brand new to pole dancing, dance and fitness, right up to professional/instructor level. (Instructors to book private sessions)



    Benefits of Pole dancing include:

    • Weight loss and body toning
    • Healthy metabolism
    • Increase fitness levels
    • Great addition to other sports/training
    • Improved posture and reduced fatigue
    • Confidence boost
    • Improve co-ordination and balance
    • Great cardio workout
    • Increase flexibility and movement
    • Meet amazing new people
    • Have fun without realizing your working out!

  • FAQs

    I am not very strong, flexible or coordinated, can I attend classes?

    Yes, of course! At Pole Fixation Fitness and Dance we welcome everyone to classes with open
    arms. We have clients attend from all walks of life, different ages, shapes and sizes, you do not require dance or fitness experience to attend any of our classes.

    We are here to help you from the very beginning of your journey whatever your goals
    and reasons may be for joining us. You will increase fitness levels, strength, flexibility and coordination while you are training. Everyone learns new things at different rates and
    speeds therefore we adapt our classes to help support each individual with their
    journey to make sure you get the most out of your classes and find your own unique

    What do I wear?

    For burlesque, fitness and flexibility classes –
    Comfortable clothing that you can move around in, leggings/active wear are all fine. Wear
    warm clothing for stretching and flexibility classes.

    For pole dancing classes - Feel free to wear the same with a top that keeps your arms bare
    such as a tank top/vest top. We tend to wear socks/bare feet for pole dancing. As you
    progress through your pole dancing journey you will be required to wear shorts and bare
    feet to help you grip the pole, your instructor will inform you at a later date when these will
    be needed. Please do not apply tan or moisturiser prior to your sessions as it will make you slippy on the pole.

    For all classes please remove all jewellery and watches and bring plenty of water to each session.

    How do I book?

    To book your classes, pop onto our website and visit the timetable which you can
    access by clicking the ‘book a class’ button on our website www.polefixation.com for personal training packages please email us at polefixation@gmail.com. Please note all of our classes and courses are non refundable or transferable once booking has been made so be sure you can attend the session prior to booking.

    I'm new! What can I expect in a class?

    When attending your first class, please arrive 5 minutes early to fill out a health form. In each class everything is explained as we go along, if you are unsure about anything please feel free to ask lots of questions, your instructor is happy to re-demonstrate anything you may be unsure of.


    Pole dancing lessons - You will start of with a warm up, learning some transitions and getting used to the pole along with spins, poses, sits and climbs as you progress and finish the class with a cool down and full body stretch.


    Fitness & Toning classes - We will do a warm and get started with the exercises. Exercises are body weight and some equipment and can be adapted to suit your level. We then finish off with a cool down and full body stretch.


    Burlesque - We get started with a warm up and play some games to get everyone feeling comfortable, we learn burlesque moves, a routine and some floor moves followed by a stretch and cool down at the end.


    Personal training - All of your personal training sessions are created specifically for you and your goals. All sessions will begin and end with a warm up and cool down with exercises and activities to help you on your way to achieving your goals in the middle.


    Flexibility and stretch classes - All classes start off with a warm up and the sessions will include a range of dynamic, pnf and static stretching.

  • Reviews

    What some of our clients have said about us!

    Sabrina is an excellent teacher . She has put so much effort into planning our lessons. They are always fun and test our skills and help us keep growing better. She makes me so comfortable I feel free to make mistakes and try new things. I really rate her skills personally but also her ability to teach. She is reliable , friendly and so much fun ! . But hey don't take my word for it .. Go take a class !

    I did my first pole class yesterday and I LOVED it, can't wait to go again. Sabrina really knows her stuff and was very patient when I was wondering how I'd ever leave the floor! We had such a good laugh and Sabrina is lovely, always cheering us on and so supportive.

    Sabrina is absolutely fab!! her positive energy is infectious, she's so friendly and really motivates you to push yourself where you can.
    I've never really enjoyed physical exercise and have always been incredibly lazy, but I really enjoy the classes and it's making me more and more active. Loving it!!!!!

    Love coming to Sabrina for lessons. She's a great teacher - explains everything - has a good sense of humour and helps you feel completely at ease. Would definitely recommend!!

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    6 Week Home Tone Up Plan

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